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Major Grill Mod
Not the radiator grill; the important grill. Smile

The heat in my grill is so uneven that some places burn while other places leave the food raw.

Broaden the diffuser plate by welding additional diffuser plates to the original.
I used a trim piece off of our old kitchen range, cut in half. I used 1/4" rod to bridge across all three diffusers.

I cooked some deer sausage on it to test it out, and it worked like a dream. Even heat everywhere, even where it used to be cold. Hot dogs will be a good test. Maybe I will do some more "testing" tomorrow. Wink

[Image: GrillMod001.jpg]

Here is a shot with the grate removed.
[Image: GrillMod002.jpg]
Nothing like a little inginuity and fixin it yourself.... 185
[Image: sigph.jpg]
185 Good job Res! 203
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue

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