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Annoying Noise Brand New Frontier
I am experiencing a very annoying noise in my brand new 2018 Frontier SV 4x4 when traveling at higher speeds of 60 mph and above. It sounds like someone squeezing the end of a balloon and letting the air out. The noise is more frequent when there is an outdoor wind blowing. The more windy outside the greater the noise. The noise is coming from the driver side dash area. The dealer cannot find the source of the noise. They took hood cowling apart and blew all kind of compressed in there but could not replicate the noise. They do know the noise exists however because I played this recording to the service manager and mechanic. They think it may be a mold tag end of a piece of plastic or rubber that starts to vibrate at that speed and when wind is blowing. Said he may have to take the dash apart to find it. Dealer said he will keep the work order open and inquire in the Nissan national database. Anyone experience this? Any ideas? Here is the recording link of the noise. You have to hear this!

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