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Steering Wheel Shimmy
I have a 2013 SV 4x4 with 116k mikes. I purchased it brand new. Due to some front end noises, pops, etc. I recently had the sway bar end links replaced by the dealer along with the passenger side ball joint. They rebalanced my wheels and did a front end alignment. That got rid of the front end noises. But...going down the road especially on uneven or slightly bumpy roads I every now and then get a slight steering wheel shimmy. The shimmy goes away but I know it's not as tight as it used to be. Like I said they did a front end alignment and also balanced the tires. Are there any other bushings or links that may need some attention or could it be front end struts? Or is it time to trade the truck in. Thanks all!
The odd thing is...I don't get any steering wheel shimmy on smooth roads. It only experience shimmy on bumpy or uneven roads and the shimmy then goes away pretty quickly. Could balancing still be the problem? Or could it be other front end components that due to age and mileage just are not as tight any more?

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