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Overdrive and Tranny Struggling
Now I may have another problem. I have a 2013 V6 with 103k miles. I bought the truck brand new. This morning I got on the highway to work and drove about 20 miles before getting off the highway to stop at the store. Getting back on the highway I noticed I am driving about 65-70mph and the truck would not go into overdrive. I was watching the rpm meter and it was at 2600-2800rpm struggling back and forth to go down into overdrive with the rpm meter going back down but then up again. RPM's are normally around 2000 at 65mph for me. I could tell the truck was not in overdrive just by the sound of it...that's what made me look at the rpm meter. It finally went into overdrive after about a mile of driving. Now that I think about it, seems like the truck was acting a little funny the last week or times not quite knowing what gear it was in. I know we have had a snap of very cold weather the past 10 days (5 degrees in morning) but I have owned the truck for four years now and we have had that cold of weather over the years and I never had a problem. My tranny fluid was changed at 70k miles. Any ideas? Thanks!

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