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new user with frustrating issues!!!
hello name is jeremiah wells...i'm a 36 y/o married father of 3 residing in louisiana...i joined this here forum to see if i might find a solution to my issues with my 2000 frontier...about a month ago, out of nowhere, my truck started sputtering when i gave it gas...i took it home & topped off the tank with half of a can of seafoam...the next morning, on my way to work it progressively got worse...& even more so on my way home...on top of sputtering the tachometer was very jumpy & vehicle seemed like it wanted to stall out when i came to a complete stop...since that night i haven't really driven it...had a diagnostics check run & came back with a knock sensor code...i've changed MAF sensor, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, & fuel filter with no luck fixing problem...anyone have suggestions???
Welcome to the SPOT, read the other thread for my response
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Click on the picture for my Frontier thread
Welcome and best of luck on a fix. Unfortunately I am not much of a mechanic.

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