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Good power, good mpg
I wanted to share my current setup on my 2009 equator cc 4x2 with any of you guys looking to maybe add a little more econ to your rig. I know its not a frontier but its pretty darn close. I am planning to move the mods over to my 2011 pro4x when I take delivery next week. Every mod purchase I made I had to justify the spending by a little bump in mpg. I drove from New Bern, NC to Boise, ID with no mods but a lund trifold bed cover and averaged 21.7mpg keeping an average of 68.7mph (according to the garmin.) When I moved to Boise I added a Jet TBS, a Injen Cai, and had a magnaflow muffler welded in to replace the OEM. On a trip to Seattle averaging 69.4mph(same garmin) I managed to average 24.9mpg. I consistantly average 22-23mpg to a tank(75% hwy- 25% in town) Both trips were done in the spring with similar temps. I have been really pleased with the performance gains as well as bump in mpg. I know I am going to lose maybe a couple mpgs going to the 4x4 pro4x but it is totally worth it. I plan on the same set up, plus a programmer, and I might go dual 2.25" exhaust. I will let you know how it changes. Oh and I have run mobil 1 synthetic since new. Last talk on programmers was quite a while ago, anything I should know about or is the hypertech the way to go for under $350. I can get the max energy with econ for 319.99 on autoanything,com with free shipping.
2011 Avalanche white Pro4x Frontier 4x4 CC..Pro4x Luxury Package, Injen CAI, Jet TBS. Lund trifold tunneau cover, magnaflow muffler with customer Y-pipe.

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