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I finally fixed all the annoying problems of having a magnaflow custom exhaust. Ever since i had it, i LOST a TON of TORQUE (Bottom end and Throttle response SUCKED!), dealt with ongoing squeaking from god knows what (hanger or muffler or pipes), and insanely loud noise. Well, after purchasing a brand new used flowmaster 40 for $40 and having a local shop weld it on for only $60! (thank you to the honest mechanic) all my problems...all my headaches...are all gone. The throttle response isn't ask good as factory but 10x better than magnaflow. I actually don't get that downshift feeling now....and no squeaks, and very quiet sound (dumped before axle). Gained some low end torque, love it! I'm done working on the exhaust...spent $350 for the set up and $200 on trying to fix the problems i encountered.

The magnaflow has a straight through design, so it's not providing as much back pressure, which means the engine is working harding, and i could defiantly tell that the truck is having to work harder. The flowmaster has chambers so the muffler does provide back pressure and i don't get that down shift feeling anymore....AWSOME!

If you're planning on doing a exhaust cat-back, dont. My advice is to replace the y-pipe and stick with the factory muffler, our japanese trucks run beautifully with the factory muffler. The y-pipe should only put you at around $50-75.00; includes labor and magnaflow y-pipe from
07 SE KC 4x4 6M M226 3.538 10"R/10"F Wheel Travel
Volant CAI
SuperChip Tuned
FlowMaster Delta 50 2.25" 2 in 1 out Y-Pipe
PRG Frontier Titan Swap 4" Lift In Front; 2.0 Radflos, SPC UCA
Shackle/Leaf/Bilstein - 3" Lift In Rear
Rock Sliders And Shrockworks Skid Plate Set

285/75/16 Goodyear Wranglers

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