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Frontier For Tall Drivers??? - seagiant - 10-26-2017

       I've been driving an 89 FORD F-150 regular cab, for close to 25 years!

I'm now looking at the Nissan Frontier as I think the Titan is bigger than I want.

The problem is I am 6' 7" tall and wondering if the Frontier has enough leg and headroom.

The Frontier is SUPPOSE to have 42.5" of legroom, which might even be more than my F-150???

Anyone with ideas on this and I'm all ears???

RE: Frontier For Tall Drivers??? - Brigg - 08-25-2018

Brand new here however I can help somewhat.  6'5" and I fit in the 2018 Frontier.  With the seat all the way back and the tilt wheel up my legs go under the steering wheel.  Not so in the same year Tacoma.  I like the driving position too.

RE: Frontier For Tall Drivers??? - BlueZ - 10-24-2018

I am "only" 6'0 and fit fine.. but I may not be a good llitmus test Smile

RE: Frontier For Tall Drivers??? - Shift_Avenger - 11-02-2018

The only thing I have heard from taller drivers is to make sure not to get the sunroof as it takes away headroom but you should be fine. Test drive one and see.